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The M601, or Special Power Wagon, was ordered from the Chrysler Corporation in the mid or latter part of the 1950's. The first of two technical manuals on the truck, TM9-8854 ("Operation, 1 ton Special Power Wagon Truck"), was published on 18 October 1957. The title of TM9-885, "Ordnance Maintenance, Cargo Truck M601 (modified M37), suggests that an alternative was needed to the military-spec Dodge M37. The M601 was distributed to foreign militaries through the Military Defense Assistance Program, perhaps because it was less expensive than the M37 or less technologically developed. Unlike the M37, the M601 is a modified civilian vehicle, sharing drive train and much of its sheet metal with the standard T137 Dodge Power Wagon. Initially produced with the six cylinder 230 cubic inch flathead engine, this changed to the 251 flathead in 1961 and finally to the 225 slant six in 1972.

M601's served in the armed forces of Argentina, Denmark, Greece, France, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and doubtless many more. In-service M601's were used in a number of Hollywood movies, such as Greek vehicles in Guns of Navarone, and Mexican ones in Fat Boy and Little Man. A surplus M601 can be seen in Collateral Damage.

This early M601 was exported under the Fargo nameplate.