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Cumberland M601

This is said to be one of the lowest mileage, most original Powers Wagons known. These pictures and description were taken from an online auction listing.

This M-601 was issued to New Cumberland Army Depot at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in 1963. It was held in storage and never used, then transferred to the U.S. Army Transportation Museum at Ft. Eustis, Virginia.

In 1978, because the Museum had no available inside storage, it was put on outside display up until May 1996 when Vintage Power Wagons acquired it. Upon arrival at Vintage Power Wagon's facility, the engine was found to be seized and the transmission full of water. The engine was easily freed and the transmission replaced. The odometer showed 141 original miles when it was received.

Notable features are the L-head, 230 ci. 6 cyl. engine, instead of the standard 251 ci. 6 cyl engine which was introduced in the 1961 models. In 1996, the vehicle was purchased by a private collector and warehoused in Houston, Texas.