One of the great things about a Power Wagon is the "flow-thru ventilation" provided by the windshield design. It has two hinges inside the cab, that are screwed to the tabs at the top of the windshield frame. The bottom of the frame is attached by two screws in the center to a rigid metal tape that is all controlled by the windshield regulator. A small T-shaped handle in the center of the dash is turned to close and open the windshield.The glass is flat, which makes finding replacement glass much easier. Two pieces are used because the frame has a center post.

I took the windshield frame off, breaking a screw that attaches the regulator tape to the frame. Only one screw, not bad considering the age of the truck. The glass in my windshield frame was broken, so the frame needed to be taken apart. There are four screws on each side that attach the two halves of the frame. Then another screw for the center post. After removing the center trim piece on the outside, and the two decorative clips that cover the horizontal line where the frame comes together, I took out all the screws, and used a rubber mallet to separate the two halves.

The glass was probably broken because of water collecting in the bottom of the frame, and then freezing in the winter. The cold weather causes the water to freeze, expanding against the glass, and surprise...time for new glass. Even the bottom of the metal frame had been distorted form the expansion of ice. The frame was sandblasted, primed, and painted. I got some flat glass (green tint), and got ready to replace the glass into the frame. I decided to use bedding tape, a black rubbery tape about 1.5" wide, that is place between the glass and the channel in the frame. The tape cushions the glass to keep it from cracking. The frame was screwed back together using stainless screws, then I put black silicone caulking against the edge of the glass to keep the water out.

The windshield weather strip was next to go on. I bought a new one from Vintage Power Wagons. After realizing that the first time I put the new weatherstrip in BACKWARDS, I removed it and put it back the right way. Even then, the bottom two corners still wouldn't stay in the track. I put the windshield back on the truck, and closed it hoping the rubber will flatten out in time. Will the windshield leak ? Probably, but it's a lot better now than it was before.

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