Chris' Receiver for the WC-53

No drill no/no tap receiver hitch for WC53.  I made for Bonarue spare tire carrier.


1/2" x 6" x12" flat stock fits between pintle and frame
2" x 12" Draw Tite receiver
3" square tubing 6" long used for support of receiver after it passes through the 1/2 x 6" plate
2 pcs - 1/2" x 3" x 8" flat stock drilled with 1/2 " hole 1/2" in from each end, drill together if possible so that holes match perfectly. Weld one piece to the 3" square tubing centering the tubing on the flat stock. The second piece goes on top of the existing frame brace that the bottom two pintle hook bolts fit through. Together the two 3" pieces sandwich the existing brace without boring holes in the truck.

The square tubing and 1/2" stock space the receiver down far enough to allow the pintle to release. I bores the holes in the 1/2 x 6 x 12 piece for the pintle hook, bolted the hook on, and then cycled the release for the hook while holding the receiver tube underneath it. Leave about 1/8 " between the hook release and the receiver and mark the flat stock around the perimeter of the receiver. Cut the hole with the torch to as close tolerance as possible. Bolt the pintle hook and 1/2x 6 plate in place on the truck. Place the square tube between the frame brace and the receiver which is placed through the hole in the plate but not welded. Complete the sandwich by putting the other 1/2 x 3 x 8" piece on top of the frame brace. Bolt together. Clamp the receiver to the 3" square tubing, making sure that the business end of the receiver is about flush with the end of the pintle hook. Spot weld everything in proper position. Remove and finish welding job. Including grade 8 bolts and the $25 receiver, I have about $35 and a couple of hours into it.

Chris Godfrey

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