Power Wagon Interchangeable Parts 

Occasionally, we are lucky enough to find parts from other manufacturers, or trucks that can be used in the Power Wagon. This is a list of those parts, and in some cases their sources. If you know of other parts please E-mail me  [email protected]

Cowl lights - The Power Wagon uses some of the same cowl light parts as the 1934 Ford. The reflector, lens and paper gasket will fit into the Power Wagon. I looked in Hemmings for a repro Ford parts supplier and came up with MAC'S 800-777-0948. They sell reflectors for $7.20, lenses for $3.95, and the gasket for 95 cents.
M-37 Dooor Panel - I found that the inside door window regulator panel from early 1950's vintage 2 wheel drive Dodge trucks are the same as the M37 door window regulator access panel. This could help somebody as they are more common in the local junk yards. Don Michalsky
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