Dual headers/ dual exhaust?

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Posted by DDD [] on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at 08:45:02 :

Has Anyone done this on their WC 1/2 ton trucks? Or anyone with any other WC , PW OR even an M series dodge sone this?

I live at 8500 feet above sea level, and as such, I�ve lost a considerable amount of compression/HP.

I�m working toward some performance �updgrades� if you will.

Last month, I finished the head swap to a later (57-59) higher compression iron head.

While the results are not staggering and I won�t beat any land speed records, I DO feel the increase. I�m now able to climb a long grade in 4th without requiring a down shift to 3rd.

Though I cannot accelerate in 4th, at least I�m able to maintain 30-35 mph up that hill. And not hold back traffic too badly.

Better than what I was dealing with prior I can tell you that! Prior, it would be screaming in third, and once I shift to 4th, bogged down so badly I had no recourse but to return to third and 25mph

So this first change (head swap) that I�ve been wanting to do for a couple years now, is complete!

I now have my sights on the next step:

installing dual split exhaust headers.

It�s the next step in line to increase HP by letting the engine breathe better. Some say it will really wake the engine up with better exhaust

So I bought these headers from

https://www.12bolt.com/store/p578/Dual_ ... 6_230.html

These are nice! Cast like the early hot rod Fenton headers.

I�m exploring the best way to route the exhaust, and what mufflers to consider.
With a transfer case in the way, putting two stock mufflers (6�-7� in diameter) side by side would not work so well.

Considering the standard hush type glass packs. Only 3� in diameter, and two should fit nicely in the space of the one stock muffler.

Anyone ever do this �upgrade� to talk details with?

What mufflers did you use?
How did you route the pipes?
Where did you exit the tailpipe?

With the fuel tank under the back, there is no option to run pipes all
The way to the rear of the truck

Did you notice any increase in power with dual exhaust headers and mufflers?

Any experience with this, I�m
All ears to listen to someone who has been there.

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