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Posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 20:25:39 :

In Reply to: More brake pedal and bracket information posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 17:56:49 :

Whereas the MoPar Parts Lists show four different brake pedal brackets used throughout non-export production from 1945-1968, these same lists show that only three different brake pedals were used.

The first version of the brake pedal assembly (with bushing) for the Civilian 1-ton Power-Wagon was introduced in December of 1945, in MoPar Parts List D-11091, as Part Number 921 689. It was not shown as being a new number which indicated that it had probably been previously used on other Dodge Trucks. The actual part (as cast) wore the casting number 921690-2. The bushing was also listed separately as Part Number 921 691. This bushing was indicated as not having been previously listed for Dodge Trucks. One can see how the part numbers were very close together (only two digits apart)and this raises the question of whether the casting number of 921690-2 was actually a part number (of the part before assembly). Until proof is found to the contrary, I am going to say "no". To date I have seen no evidence of Dodge hyphenating a suffix to the end of a part number and/or grouping the first six (or more) numbers together without a space before the last three digits during the time frame that our trucks were produced. This pedal assembly part number continued through the successive MoPar Parts Lists until 1957.

MoPar Parts List Supplement D-16362 (for "C" Series [C3PW] Model Power Wagon, issued June 1957), lists the brake pedal (not as an assembly this time) under a new number having never previously been listed for Dodge Trucks - part number 1667 806. The actual part (as cast) wore the casting number 1667807-2). This change is indicated in this supplement as having taken place at truck serial number 83949001 which was the starting serial number of the C-4-PW introduced sometime during mid-year 1956 as indicated by the serial number guide published in the John Zentmeyer Industrial Products Company reproduction owner's manual.

Curiously, the new pedal includes the sub-description: "w/Power Steering" (with power steering). The brake pedal, brake pedal bracket, and the new power steering option all took place at the same serial number, 83949001, according to the MoPar Parts Lists and Parts List Supplements.

MoPar Parts List D-16325, also issued June 1957, reverts back to Part Number 921 689 for the brake pedal assembly. This number then continues in use until the 1959 model year.

MoPar Parts list D-16889, issued September 1958, jumps back ahead again to part number 1667 806 first listed in the June 1957 supplement, and this number carries forward through 1963.

The brake pedal bracket would change again, for the third time, at truck serial number 1691381. This new number, 2826 044, was not included in the 1963 Parts List released in June 1963 (it still listed part number 1667 806), however it was shown in Parts List 81-690-0817 which was released in May 1969 and covered the years 1963-68. This updated list showed both the old (1667 806) number as well as the new (28626 044) number, and indicated the serial number point of change mentioned above. According to the Zentmeyer manual, the indicated serial number fell within the 1967 year model run.

What a necessary change in the brake pedal would have to do with the new power steering option being offered in 1956, also first listed at the same serial number, is beyond me. Maybe the existing brake pedal interfered somehow with the new power steering box or hoses. There were two versions of the power steering option. Possibly the second version (available later) required no change to the brake pedal, so they went back for a while, only to go forward again later.

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