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Posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 17:56:49 :

Since there is still some hair remaining for us to beat off of the dead horse.... ;^)

From the MoPar Parts Lists:

The first version of the brake pedal bracket for the Civilian 1-ton Power-Wagon was introduced in December of 1945, in MoPar Parts List D-11091, as Part Number 921 692. It was shown as being a new number having never previously been listed for Dodge Trucks.

The next MoPar Parts List, D-12004, was issued in February 1948 and superseded the previous D-11091 Parts List. It lists the brake pedal bracket under yet another new number having never previously been listed for Dodge Trucks - part number 1190 401. No mention is made at what truck serial number the change took place. Since very early Power-Wagons were produced with many parts cast in bronze, and these were phased out over time and replaced with parts cast in iron, it may possibly be the case that the change over from bronze to iron required new molds, due to the shrinkage difference between the two dissimilar materials, resulting in a new final part number.

See an image of the new (2nd version) bracket here:

Brake pedal bracket part number 1190 401 continued to appear in at least seven successive MoPar Parts lists until 1957.

MoPar Parts List Supplement D-16362 (for "C" Series [C3PW] Model Power Wagon, issued June 1957), lists the brake pedal bracket under yet another new number having never previously been listed for Dodge Trucks - part number 1787 107. This change is indicated in this supplement as having taken place at truck serial number 83949001 which was the starting serial number of the C-4-PW introduced sometime during mid-year 1956 as indicated by the serial number guide published in the John Zentmeyer Industrial Products Company reproduction owner's manual.

MoPar Parts List D-16325, also issued June 1957, is the first complete MoPar Parts List to include part number 1787 107. It would appear that, since this bracket measures fractions of an inch narrower than the earlier bracket(s), Dodge was being proactive in preparation for the pending change to the NP420 transmission (and it's dedicated PTO gearbox) that occupied more lateral space than the earlier Power-Wagon transmission and PTO combinations. The change over to the new transmission and PTO is indicated in the MoPar Parts List D-15788 as taking place at truck serial number 83949164 - a full 164 units into the C-4-PW model run.

The brake pedal bracket would change again, for the fourth time, at truck serial number 1691381. This new number, 2826 042, was not included in the 1963 Parts List released in June 1963 (it still listed part number 1787 107), however it was shown in Parts List 81-690-0817 which was released in May 1969 and covered the years 1963-68. This updated list showed both the old (1787 107) number as well as the new (28626 042) number, and indicated the serial number point of change mentioned above. According to the Zentmeyer manual, the indicated serial number fell within the 1962 year model run.

See an image of the new (4th version [this truck was thought to be a 1965 model]) bracket here:

I currently have no casting numbers to supplement the information above.


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