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Posted by Robert Harrison [] on Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 15:21:37 :

I am a Senior member of the [email protected] site. Brother from another mother so to speak. I just retired and can finally go to work on my WC 1/2 ton 2 wheel commercial truck and need help mostly from people who may have Military parts books and or understand what they are calling the individual harnesses. I need help from the group or maybe even be steered to someone who can help as I have no military parts or shop books.
Those of you who are not familiar with our site you should check it out as there are resources there too.

If I can identify the harnesses as to what they went on and which part of the vehicle they served with the wiring drawings for them so I can determine if they will fit or if I can use them for parts/wiring to make up what I need.

The early Dodge Military trucks during WW2 have similar cabs and share the same instrument panels and gages as my 47 Dodge WC. Later WC military use a different instrument panel.

I have some descriptions for these harnesses I have part numbers) in those cases they are not very descriptive I will give what I have here in the descriptions.

I also have a NOS main domestic harness � (597934) that goes under dash I think there are only minor differences between it as the early type commercial harness and my later 47 Dodge 1/2 ton such as a longer horn wire that I think I can use with minor mods for that piece.

The Military harnesses.

First the civilian books seem to be missing sections where these numbers might reside as if there may have been a master book or list and they just removed the Military numbers out of the middle the numbers seem to skip over a few digits so to speak where the military numbers resided.

913399 I have it noted as �WC 17, 19 WW2 42-42 chassis Not descriptive enough It is long I suspect it is the wire that runs to tail lights or maybe towards the headlights� I need to identify where it would have gone on the original truck so I can identify how I may use it and hopefully gain a wiring diagram from someone. I suspect I can use this harness with the number of connections and length I suspect if maybe the intermediate harness for the front lights that runs from the main harness area out to the headlights? Or maybe tail lights?

1089598 If I hae to take a guess I would say this is the harness that goes from the starter and generator to the main harness under the dash. The only information I received on this was �WW2 WC wiring harness� Not very descriptive. Again I�d like to know what it is and which model it fits and a wiring diagram?

927101 still in the box marked �Chassis Wiring Assy.-Upper� Group-0606 What is an upper harness as opposed to maybe a lower harness? Still in its factory seal so I cant examine it. What is it? Where did it go? Does anyone have a diagram?

A Mistery Harness Military or maybe Domestic?

920320 I have no idea what this is it is a substantial harness with multiple connections and light socket connectors that look like head or tail light connectors. It could be military or some kind of domestic car main harness I�m guessing.

930318 Still in factory sealed box. Was originally told it was from a RH drive early military WC. Was thinking it could mostly just be flipped to use as a LH drive harness or modified to such. I assume this is a main harness as it is a large box i.e. The under dash harness.

A Domestic main harness Just not quite sure how different it is from my 47 WC harness needed.

597934 Fortunately, I have a correct early 39-47 domestic instrument/under dash wiring harness the most important one I need. It is not the late harness for the horn on the firewall but I am guessing all I have to do is shorten the wire or maybe mount the horn to the top of the engine. Either way I am pretty sure I can modify it to work for my 47 half ton. The part number on this one is 597934 it has multiple instrument light sockets on it and a large number of terminals. So Im good here I suspect but if anyone can confirm my Assumption on the horn wire length the only difference that would be helpful.

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