Re: 57 PW PTO/Brake Pedal Bracket Issue??

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Posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, April 02, 2023 at 19:17:52 :

In Reply to: 57 PW PTO/Brake Pedal Bracket Issue?? posted by Marty [] on Sunday, April 02, 2023 at 00:53:20 :

Marty, a few questions to rule out all possibilities.

1) Did all of these parts come off of this '57 Power-Wagon, or are you borrowing parts from other trucks?

2) I have never worked on a truck that new, but you mention the "rubber blocks with the sleeves are in place." I assume you mean the pads between the bellhousing mounting ears and the brackets mounted to each frame rail? I don't remember sleeves in these pads, but it has been a looong time. Are these new pads and/or are they oriented correctly? In other words is the rear of the engine possibly sitting too high?

3) Is the rubber engine mount at the front new and in good shape or is the front of the engine possibly sitting too low?

4) I ask 2 & 3 above because in my '47 and '51, when properly shimmed, the pto contacts that clutch mounting bracket shown attached to the frame in your images. One has to have that bracket already on the frame and the brake pedal and mounting bracket already in place before installing the transmission and pto. Also, the pto cannot be removed and/or installed with the transmission already in the truck without rotating the transmission slightly counter-clockwise when viewing from the rear to the front.

5) Have you tried removing the transmission and pto assembly and trying to fit the brake bracket? If successful, does the brake pedal pass through the floor plate exactly in the center of the hole? Note, the cab needs to be in place at least temporarily and needs to have the proper mounting pads under it. The 1957 model is too new to use the wood blocks. They changed the cab-to-frame mounts locations sometime between 1947 and 1951.

6) If you try step #5, then install the transmission and pto as an assembly, will it rotate clockwise into the correct position?

7) When you mention the shims between the trans and pto, I assume you shimmed for correct backlash between mating gears?


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