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Posted by Marty [] on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 22:45:31 :

So I’ve had a chance to have 3 popular WDX-WM300 hubs completely disassembled. Warns, Selectros & Dualmatics.
I’ll give you my review of these. So I’m going to call the ones I posted with the 4 Wheel Drive logo on the dial Selectros because there’s no doubt the hub is either built by Selectro or licences by Selectro but inside they’re Selectro. So I’ve always preferred Warns just because in my mind Warns were the brand of choice when it came to locking hubs for numerous reasons & I still think they may hold up best over time just because of the use of needle bearings & the overall quality of the design. That said, the Dualmatic gets my choice for strength & not just strength…if you haven’t had one of these apart, you need to see the inside of them. There’s nothing inside! Serious, there’s 3 internal parts to a Dualmatic & the only way you could possibly break one of these hubs is if you destroyed the whole housing. Youd really need to do something crazy to break one of these however they are a bit more of a PITB to engage & disengage. These would be extremely easy to reproduce if anyone wants a fun little profit making project.
The Selectros are considerably more fragile inside however I haven’t seen too many broken. I think at the price that they used to be sold for they were excellent value for dollar. Theyre definitely miles better than the new junk being sold now & they are probably the most user friendly with the big dial.
My pics are still the Warn if they were priced evenly. Id pic the Dualmatic if I wanted the strongest & definitely the one Id reproduce if I was wanting the task.
Selectro is a good all around hub. Probably a little less likely to break an axle with a Selectro & I still plan to run the ones I have for sure.
That’s my assessment. Here’s a link to all the internal parts of a Dualmatic….they really are a cool design.

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