Door latch removal and installation.

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Posted by Torvald [] on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 12:40:29 :

This is kind of long winded….

I recently had to remove and install the door latches on my ’51 B-3-PW. Before removing (and again before installing) I researched the maintenance manual and this forum for information on how to proceed. I did find a nice photo album by Mininger that gives step by step instructions and pictures on getting the latch in place to slide into its hole in the door. But I found prying the latch pawl up with a screwdriver to be difficult and damaging to paint. I eventually found that lowering the link bar withdraws the latch pawl so that the latch can be inserted in its hole. The problem was that I had no way of holding the latch to: a) bend the link bar down, and b) then slide the latch into position. A method of holding the latch was found by inserting alignment pins (1/4” rod with ¼-28 thread on one end) into the latch screw holes. Using the alignment pins to hold and position the latch and swinging the latch bar down to raise the pawl allowed easy insertion (or removal) of the latch into its hole in the door.
I’ve posted 3 photos on facebook that cover this starting with

So with that lengthy introduction, here are the four steps for latch installation, reverse the steps for removal.

1. Raise link bar straight up, twist latch around the window channel, and align latch with the opening in door edge (this is shown nicely in Miningers album, steps 1 thru 10).
2. Install alignment pins in two of the latch screw holes.
3. With latch held in position by the pins, swing remote-to-latch link bar down, and slide the latch into its opening in the door edge
a. Swinging the link bar down retracts the latch pawl, allowing the latch to be inserted in its respective hole in the door.
4. Once the latch is positioned, install screws in the two pinless holes, withdraw pins and install remaining screws.

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