Bed Questions Revisited

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Posted by Torvald [] on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 23:43:54 :

At the end of last month Joe Auchey posted a bunch of questions concerning the early 2nd series bed for a í51 B-3-PW. It just so happens that I have the same truck and bed, and Iím very rapidly approaching the rebuild of the bed, so I was very interested in the answers to all his questions. Unfortunately most of the questions werenít answered, so Iím re-posting them with some of my own comments in hopes that the rest of the questions do get answered. My comments are followed by (Torvald). Also, Iíve found that sometimes products offered are not what the original manufacturer used (they are close, but not quite there). Iíve found 4 suppliers of bed parts: Vintage Power Wagons, Dodge Central of Michigan, Horkey, and Mar-K. Iím particularly interested in comments on the quality of bed products for these suppliers (or any other suppliers).
There is a very nice description of the bed support channels given by Clint Dixon which can be accessed at This description is for a WDX bed but seems to match my early 2nd edition bed supports. And there are a very good series of photos of the later 2nd series bed supports provided by Tod Summers at (Torvald)
So, back to the original series of questions:
1. Are the cross braces between the bed and frame the same as a third series bed except for the last one which is below the tailgate?
This may be answered by Clint Dixon description and the Tod Summers photos in above links (Torvald)

2. Does anyone have a list of the correct hardware required to assemble the bed? If not:

3. Are the carriage bolts used to attach the crossmembers to the frame the same as the early WDX bed? Are they standard carriage bolts or are they flat round head bolts?
I donít know if they are the same as the early WDX, but I believe they have a low profile head (AKA Step Bolt), and are fine thread. (Torvald)

4. Are the washers 3" and are they offset?
The washers from my B-3-PW are 3Ē but they are not offset, the bolt hole is in the center. (Torvald)

5. Are the fender attaching flat wide head phillips screws proprietary to Dodge or are they commercially available? Who reproduces them if they are proprietary?

6. Is there a source (new or used) for the flat square/rectangle nuts that are used in the tailgate area where the "L" shaped are attached and for the tailgate hinges?

7. What style wood should my bed have? I know the center board is to be notched out for the center tailgate hinge. Should my bed have the float access panel? 6 boards, 6 skid plates.
What remains of my bed boards does not have the access panel. The remains of my bed show 4 center boards & 2 side boards, 5 center skid strips, & 2 side angle sets. (Torvald)

8. Does the header panel attach with round head phillips screws?

9. One person I was talking to someone who thought there may be 2 different styles of second series bedsides? Does anyone know if there are? If yes, how do I determine which ones I have?

10. Do I need both the round and square rubber pads for assembly? If yes, How many of each?

Is anyone very familiar with or have pictures of the second series 1st style bed?
Clint Dixon (Junior) supplied some nice bed photos including the rear of a second series 1st style bed. (Torvald)

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