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Posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 19:55:16 :

In Reply to: Limited road speed. posted by Clint Dixon [] on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 19:21:55 :

The third sentence in the first paragraph of my post above contains an error. The text "97.50x16 tires" should read "7.50x16 tires."

I also failed to mention that the NP200 Transfer Case on the WDX-WM300 model Power-Wagons does not have a neutral position. The shift rails have only two detents on each rail, one to hole the rail in the forward position, the other to hold the rail in the rearward position. It is possible to find a "False Neutral" though this was never intended to be a feature by the manufacturer New Process. To find this "False Neutral" takes a little finesse. The rear lever needs to be moved all the way possible towards the seat where the shift rail will detent into the 4-Whel Drive condition. The front lever needs to be moved rearward about half way so that the shift rail is no longer has either the rearmost or forwardmost detent engaged. It can be difficult to find this "False Neutral" as the sliding gear has to be positioned exactly between the Low Range and High Range mating gears. And, this position should never be used for towing the truck as the sliding gear will quickly move slightly and try to engage - grinding teeth in the process. It should be used only to manually phase the input shaft from the Transmission to the Transfer Case to the rear drive shaft to the rear axle. Phasing the input yoke on the front of the Transfer Case to the output yoke on the rear of the Transfer Case results in reduced driveline vibrations as this theoretical "shaft" through the Transfer Case is now phased correctly as one would phase each driveshaft as an assembly. This only needs to be done after using Low Range as this puts the "shaft" through the Transfer Case out of phase.

Attached here is an image from under my '47 WDX. This image was taken looking up and towards the passenger side.

Here is the text as found on If one cannot read the red and yellow text here, the file on can be opened and zoomed in on.

Transfer Case shift rods viewed from below and from Driver's Side of truck.
This image shows how the transfer case shift levers, rods, and shift rails in the Transfer Case all attached together on a WDX thru WM300 model 1-ton civilian Power-Wagon manufactured from 1946 thru 1968. Note that the shift rod shown described in red text has pulled the shift rail "out" on its stroke from the transfer case. This indicates that the transfer case is shown in the 2-Wheel Drive position with no power being transferred to the front driveshaft or front axle. Note also that the shift rod described in yellow test has pushed the shift rail "in" on its stroke into the transfer case. This indicates that the transfer case is shown in the High Range position.

Both levers in the cab are positioned at their furthest possible position forward towards the firewall.

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