Winch Brake Adjustment

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Posted by Vaughn [] on Friday, December 24, 2021 at 12:25:39 :

In reviewing the manuals, TM-9-1808B, says to adjust the brake to “Normal Load,” Well, what is normal load, truck weight plus payload? This and how we intend to use our trucks should be considered when adjusting the winch brake.

During winch assembly, place the band's long adjusting screw/nut top right corner when looking at the open side, or towards driver side. This allows easy access to the nuts. The winch brake should be adjusted to prevent the drum from rotating in reverse when the PTO is placed in neutral during normal loads. Here are some basic guidelines although not all inclusive you might want to consider adjusting the brake:

- If you only use your truck with an “A” frame to lift to move items around, determine max load you would want to lift, say 1,000 pounds. Find an item that matches close to that poundage and lift it. If the winch reverses, tighten the band by turning the adjusting nut clockwise, ˝ turn. Do this until the winch brake can hold the load. You might want to turn the adjusting nut an additional ˝ as a safety measure.

- If you pull items with your truck such as trees or rocks, you will want to maintain tension on your truck. For example, pull against a tree. Place a string between your thumb and index finger of both hands. Stand back 25-50 yards from the tree, place one hand thumb at the base of a tree, the other at the top to measure the height distance of the tree. Then add 10-15 additional feet to stage your truck. You want to ensure you have enough distance that if the tree snaps, it will not damage your truck. Anchor the cable chain to the tree at its base. Pull your truck against the tree locking the brakes until the truck skids on its tires a foot or two. Continue to hold vehicle brakes and press in the clutch, if which drum rotates reverse direction, tighten the brake, repeat until winch brake holds tension and add an additional ˝ turn of the adjusting nut for safety. You may want to do this on dirt and not payment.

- If you off-road in mud conditions, bury the truck to its frame in mud until it can’t move under its own ability. Most Power-Wagons weight about 5500 pounds and the winch is rated at 10,000 pounds which means it can drag a block weighing 10,000 pounds. This is to compensate the weight of the vehicle and the amount of resistance in mud due to the fact you are dragging dead weight. Follow the procedures above to adjust the amount of tension on the winch brake.

- If off-road in hilly terrain, climb a hill that is steep enough that the truck cannot climb – 65+ degrees vertical. Follow the procedures above to adjust the amount of tension on the winch brake.

Assistance from a buddy is helpful in doing this. The whole purpose of the brake is safety and to prevent backlash in the cable and possible damage to it. You should always try to maintain tight cable on the drum.

Other comments/suggestion are welcome. I'll add to PIF. Thanks

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