FFPW Windshield Frame Gasket Installation - Process

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Posted by Vaughn [] on Monday, May 10, 2021 at 12:26:18 :

Ok, this is not to criticize how anyone installs their gasket, but to show a process you can follow to install it correctly. At the link are two images, click right to see.

It is imperative that both gasket ribs get locked into the channel and you must approach this from both sides of the gasket. If you are only popping in the back side rib on the frame/gasket's back side, it may look installed, but you are only installing it 1/2 way. It will not automatically pop both ribs into the gasket channel.

You must use a lubricant, Water/soap Mixture, KO Jelly or Jell Lubricant, Dialectic Grease, Snot, anything that is slippery to get those ribs in, to lock. You can use a plastic putty knife on the back side, but you better use a steel on the front side, it takes a lot of compression of the gasket to get it in place.

It is a slow process working compressing the gasket, then using a piece of wood to pop it place, you can only move about a inch at a time, and it took me some time working with different items to find a process that works and is easy to do.

After this gasket is installed, there is nothing else to do with it and it will seal properly against the cowl. I am using Dialectic Grease as the lubricant to facilitate installation and seal out water to prevent future rust in the channel. Once the gasket is locked, it will not slip back out using this grease.

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