Re: front wheel bearings 50 Power Wagon

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Posted by Bob In Illinois [] on Tuesday, February 02, 2021 at 09:43:16 :

In Reply to: front wheel bearings 50 Power Wagon posted by Karl [] on Monday, February 01, 2021 at 14:26:21 :

I doubt the problem is the bearings. Even the cheapest bearings are manufactured to the highest accuracy standards. It’s more likely the spindle. Your new bearings are probably all greased and installed in the hub with the seal pressed in but you are going to have to “fit” the new bearings to the spindle. This will be much easier without the weight of the hub. These spindles are old and there is no way of knowing what they have been through. Check the obvious. Measure the bearing fits on the spindle with a micrometer. Look for out of roundness. Then look for high spots or irregularities such as burrs or wear patterns and dress them with a fine file or sharpening stone. If still tight take a sharpie or similar black marker and lightly cover the bearing fit area. Now take your clean dry bearing and try slipping it on the spindle with a slight rotation right to left. When it gets snug tap it back off and look for areas where the marker ink is smeared. Those are the high spots causing your interference. Dress them with a stone or file. Keep doing that until the bearings fit properly. Be patient it takes time. Pounding on a bearing that is not intended to be tight is never a good idea. The real problem comes when you or “the next guy” tries to pull that hub. Which in my experience will be very soon. We never have the time or money to do it correctly the first time but both are always available the second time.

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