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Posted by Keith in Washington [] on Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 21:02:21 :

In Reply to: Modified trucks posted by Mike in Arkansas [] on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 21:40:16 :

Reading all comments below, I must say there are some good ones.

Historically, cars must meet the safety requirements that were in effect the year that they were built. There is a lot of precedents to that effect. There are no laws that I am aware of that require a modified or rebuilt car or truck meet safety requirements in effect at the time of modifications were made. There may be exceptions to this for vehicles used in commercial transportation of people. I would suspect in terms of safety, I would suspect the brakes, suspension, steering and tires on the Cuda in question are far better than when it left the factory. If there were not any seat belts in the car, that is stupidity. If anyone was in the car and injured, then that is on Mr Hart and he is open to be sued. If he was injured more severely due the fact the did not have a seat belt, that is on him. If he wasn’t smart enough to put them in, that is his problem. If he crashed it when he was driving like he stole it, then it is his problem and is responsible for any damage he caused. If he was breaking any laws at the time, he should be cited. If he could not handle that hot of a car and crashed it, that is his problem and is responsible for any damaged caused. He should have spent time with someone who could train him to drive the car. If he didn’t then it is his problem and is responsible for any damage.

You can see that I have I little sympathy for him if he didn’t do basic due diligence which is nothing more than common sense. If he simply, bought more car than he could handle, and smashed it, too bad.

If there was a failure of a component of the car then he might have a case for something.

People need to realize they are responsible for their actions and are responsible to correct any obvious issues or defects in their vehicles. As an example, if you drive your car with poor or unmaintained brakes and crash, it’s on you.

I am not condemning Mr Hart, simply using this case to show that if you are responsible for your actions or lack of action which ever it might be.

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