What about clutch rusting to fly wheel?

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Posted by Ddd [] on Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 11:30:41 :

I recently took my transmission out for work and while out installed a new clutch disk , TO bearing and pilot bushing. ( not a new pressure plate. Reused mine)

I reused my old one becuse basically the clutch was pretty new as far as mileage on it. Disk was beat up, covered in oil, and I just needed that.

I resurfaced the flywheel while I waited for the clutch parts to arrive.

As I was waiting over 6 weeks for the rebuilt shift tower to arrive, it finally came in. I think the disk in this period of time rusted to the flywheel.

I couldn't engage any gear and the clutch pedal would respond.
No problem. I put a short length of 2x4 between seat and pedal and using the suggested thin putty knife idea I released the disk from the flywheel side.

I can now shift into gear, clutch works to engage/disengage, so I know now it's freed.


Here's my questions
1- what about it being stuck to the pressure plate side? How to release that if it's happening?

2- what indicators would suggest it IS frozen to that side of the pressure plate?

I mean what adverse conditions woukdvibexperience if it WAS frozen on that side?

Here's what's going on:

After I freed it up, or at lease I think I did, from the flywheel side, I can now press in clutch and shift gears.

However, it's not smooth. I got hardly any area of pedal between grinding and not grinding.

I've adjusted many times the free play. That's not the issue.

And here's another thing going on:

If I press in the clutch right to the floor, I'm getting a grinding sound. Like the clutch fingers maybe touching the disk? Or?

I'm thinking (and I sure as hell hope this ain't it)
That the clutch pressure plate I have "somehow" isn't a match to my disk.

I didn't buy a matching set like I wrote earlier.

To me it seems like if I push in clutch PAST the disengaged point, the grinding happens.

Clutch pressure plate fingers touching the disk somewhere as I push further down on the pedal?

I'm so at a loss. I'm sick of these tranny issues!!

Any ideas?

I'm gonna post a video soon on u-tube and see what y'all think


Installed last night

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