1968 Jeepster

Power Wagon

1968 Jeepster $5,500 [CA] 

A hard to find 1968 Jeepster, engine in it does not run, and i have not had the time to check what's wrong with it.

Jeep comes with an extra engine, a V8 350 Chevy engine with 80k on it, engine runs good, just no time to put it in.
Tires are rollers, rims are nice, nice hub locks, I just put them on it.

No rust anywhere, stock inside and out.
Stock trans and it works good.
Top comes off.
Body is in really good shape, it has been stored in a shop for 20 years, never out in the weather.
Gauges are all stock.
Brakes need to be serviced.

Comes with center console, and back rack that fits the Jeep perfect.
New California plates, and DMV paid for a year.
Clean California pink slip.

Nice project to keep stock or lift it.
Bumpers are stock front and back, and are hard to find.
Front bumper plate has enough room to mount a winch on it.


Email walterwitkowski@yahoo.com
Text or call 530-713-7889

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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