Reproduction 2nd and 3rd series fenders

Power Wagon

Reproduction 2nd and 3rd series Power Wagon fenders $600 [IN]

These are the same fenders that I make for the WDX Power Wagon. These just have a band corner welded to the inside for mounting. All the holes are laser cut to match the originals (no holes to drill), no rear bracket is needed. These are 14 gauge construction, with a 10 gauge band welded to the inside. These take a lot longer to make as the top has to be formed to fit the bedsides. If you want to rivet the rear mounting plate onto these and use the rear fender bracket that shouldn't be a problem.

Matt Tisdale
Tisdale Coachworks
200 North Main St.
Winslow Indiana 47598

Phone 812-453-7625

Power Wagon

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