1953 Dodge M37B1

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1953 Dodge M37B1 $5,000 OBO [FL] 

1953 Dodge M37B1 Military Truck

Project truck, and I do not really have the time to complete it.

Original engine had a bent and cracked #6 piston, needs a new rebuild; original engine was rebuilt in 1959 according to the engine plate.

Originally had plans to swap engines with a Chevy 350 long block motor from a 1972 Camaro, also switch transmissions from the original to a chevy Turbo 400 from a 1974 Chevy Nova high performance car that was making 750 hp at the flywheel when extracted for a new LS trans when I got it.

Both engine and transmission are included in price; original flathead 6, original trans, Chevy 350 long block & Chevy Turbo 400 included.
NP200 divorced transfer case rebuilt with new seals and gaskets in 2014, with no hours used since rebuild.
Original canvas top finally bit the dust in 2018, and I had to cover it with a tarp since then, that's why its like that in the pictures.

Extras include a B&M shifter kit, high stall Torque converter (can't remember size), and an aftermarket installed hydraulic lift bed (bed lifts to about 70-80 degrees).

Custom 4" tube steel lift blocks front and rear with u-bolts installed, and steering arm fabricated with 4" lift to accommodate manual steering travel.

Asking $5,000 OBO

Any Questions feel free to reach out and ask, joshua.r.paul@gmail.com or 386-623-9400 and leave a message.

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