1970 Dodge D100 2WD

Power Wagon

1970 Dodge D100 2WD $6,500 [NM] 

Located in Corrales NM 1970 Dodge D100 short bed.

Slant six engine was originally a 1bbl, I installed a 2 bbl adapter and used a carb off of a 1967 Dodge D200.
The truck starts easily no matter how hot or cold it is. Runs smooth and reliable. Drives fantastic with minimal play in the steering.

4 wheel drum brakes work as they should.
4 speed up shifts and downshifts with no problems. Clutch feels great.

I purchased this from the second owner who installed the LED marker lights and tail lights, they work fantastic so I left them. I have the originals that are included in the sale.

All four rims and tires match and have lots of life left in them.
Driver side step well has been replaced as well as the front pans. The step well is from Exline and installed easily.

The previous owner repaired the pans with thick gauge metal. It’s not original style repairs but they are solid and watertight.

I have put a lot of miles on this truck and have never had any problems at all. The previous owner also removed the original gas tank behind the seat and installed a plastic tank in the tool box. It’s kinda weird but it works fantastic and no fumes inside, the fuel gauge is not hooked up.


Please feel free to call me at 505-269-6460 or email fj40jason@gmail.com. Thanks!

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon
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