1942 Dodge WC-54 Ambulance

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1942 Dodge WC-54 Ambulance $13,500 [TX] 

1942 WC-54 Ambulance, ¾ ton

Great running condition
Matching VIN number (81587454) on frame, I.D. plate, and Utah title (but not licensed)
Some minor panel irregularities, but this was and is a virtually rust-free vehicle

85%+ original
Fully rebuilt engine and carburetor
New master cylinder, hoses, and 1 new plus 3 rebuilt wheel cylinders
Electric fuel pump* (w/ manual shutoff switch) installed
New clutch, exhaust piping, muffler, battery, battery cables, and grounding straps
New windshield and glass in side windows
Reupholstered front seats

5 combat wheels, each with a brand new NDT 9.00x16 8-ply tire, tube, and flap
Fitted with aftermarket front lock-out hubs*
Retains original 6-volt electrical system

Less than 10 miles since engine rebuild, but health issues and pending move make it impossible to keep this vehicle

The major missing structural part is the rear folding step
A new ASTM C8x11.5 steel channel was substituted for the battered front bumper*
The rear compartment has two long fold-down canvas-covered seats, but no litters
6V VW horn*
New driver’s side electric windshield wiper motor* (none on passenger side)
Most fuel lines were replaced, and a fuel pressure regulator and inline filter added

The rear windows were missing, but have been replaced with clear, sliding plexiglass panes
Includes 3 War Department tech manuals and an original unmounted fuel filter

Only mechanical issue: soft brake pedal and poor braking (cause unknown)

*--the original item was removed, but kept, and is included with the vehicle

Located in Kerrville, TX
Phone (830) 285-5964 or email theistand@mail.com

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