1959 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1959 Dodge W100 Power Wagon $10,000 [NM]

1959 W100 Dodge Power Wagon

Body metal is in exceptional condition. No panel rust, small rust pits in cab floor, surface rust underneath. There are a few body dings but this truck was never abused. Even the tailgate and bed sidewalls are straight.

Not currently running. Last on the road in 1992.

Originally had a 6 cylinder, currently has a 318. A note in the owners manual says a 58 Plymouth 318 was installed at 73,700 on odometer. Odometer now reads 04619.

VIN M6W1L31610

116” WB

Transmission: 4 SYN New Process 420

Rear Axle: Spicer 60 (4.1 ratio)

Divorced transfer case, with PTO Full float rear axle

There are 6 original rims, 2 mount inside bed with original mounting hardware. Have the original owners manual and 2 boxes of misc. parts.

This truck is being sold as a project for complete restoration. It was used on a ranch in the Big Bend region of Texas until 1989 when it was purchased by my brother who drove it daily until 1992. I inherited this truck in 1992 and therefore I do not know a lot about it. I drove this truck to where it was parked outdoors in New Mexico for 11 years. During this time it was damaged by vandals who busted out the drivers door window and shot bb's at the windshield. Pack rats moved into the truck and ate the water hoses and fuel lines and stripped the insulation from some of the wiring. The truck has been stored indoors since 2003. I held on to this truck with the intent of restoring it but now realize I need to let it go.

Known Not stock: rear bumper, side mirrors, exhaust, gas tank behind seat(?).

Known damage: drivers door glass missing, bb pits in windshield, interior cardboard incomplete, seat upholstery, small dings in front hood ornament, steering wheel cracked, turn signal lever missing, rats damaged wiring insulation and ate water hoses, missing a metal bracket in center of tailgate near bottom

The pictures do not reveal the condition of the body well. As an example, the front bumper looks beat up but the metal appears to be perfect, the paint is not. On the hood there is one tiny ding. I believe the body condition is as good or better than any unrestored 1959 Power Wagon to be found. Restoration of this truck to a near perfect condition will be greatly simplified due to the body condition. I encourage anyone interested to come and see this truck for yourself.

$10,000 OBO

Contact Ray Grigsby at friendsofthetrees@gmail.com
Located in Sandia Park NM (30 miles from Albuquerque)

Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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