1955 Dodge Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1955 Dodge Power Wagon $28,000 [UAE] 

1955 Dodge Power Wagon for sale

The truck is fully serviced, changed all fluids (engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials). also cleaned both axles, changed the grease in the front-axle swivels and at the same time I completely renewed all brakes (new wheel cylinders, new brake pads).

Changed some of the oil seals, at the two gears (main & transfer). As a result only minor oil dripping when the truck is standing still for long periods
The steering box was rebuilt with new oil seals, grease etc.). Now steering box is perfect.

The engine was completely done. It runs perfectly like "a sewing machine"

The Dodge Power Wagon doesn´t go fast; it is loud, and changing gear need some experience/training, as it is a non-synchronized gear (double clutch when shifting up; double gas when shifting down) - not always easy, but after a while I learned it.

Contact Information
Ahmed Bin Futais email a.almutaiwaei@gmail.com

Truck Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Asking Price $28,000 USD
Seller will help shipping truck overseas

Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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