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H.G. Wells told Wendell Phillips, noted explorer who used Power Wagons on his expeditions, and author of Qataban and Sheba - "The only way to learn how to write, is to write". I guess the same can be said about putting together a Web Site. The purpose of The Power Wagon Page is to provide a place where anyone who may have an interest in Power Wagons, can browse over information, colorful pictures, and share in my experience with these trucks. Thanks to all those who have e-mailed information, and suggestions for this site. It is my intention to continue to improve this site and your suggestions certainly help. This website was created in 1996, and given the dodgepowerwagon.com domain in 1997. Since 1996, the Power Wagon Page has continued to evolve into a site for information, truck sales, and a great place to make new friends with similar interests.

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The Power Wagon Page has no affiliation with the Chrysler Corporation, Power Wagon Advertiser, Vintage Power Wagons, Off-Road, Four Wheeler magazine, or any other corporations. All images, or illustrations were created and/or used WITHOUT permission. This site is set up as a free informational source for internet users and Power Wagon enthusiasts. Dodge is a registered trademark of the Chrysler Corporation.

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Thanks to the moparman '61-'71 DODGE Truck Home Page for the format for the "about" page. Any other information came from the author's own personal experience working with these trucks.

Much of what I know about Power Wagons, other than working on them, has come from reading the Power Wagon Advertiser. Gordon Maney does an excellent job writing this publication. The technical articles are educational, the letters from subscribers are entertaining and informative, the "Sitting on the Tailgate" editorial can be philosophical, fictional, or historical in nature, but it is always food for thought. Classifieds have trucks, parts, events, wanted. Subscription $40/year US, Power Wagon Advertiser, 3090 Benton Iowa Rd., Norway, IOWA 52318-9510. Samples $4, Back issues $4. All advertisements were used without permission, and were scanned from various ads purchased from Vintage Power Wagons.

Special thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures, I only wish I had the space to display them all.

I also have to give Dave Butler my sincere gratitude for all his efforts to save the Power Wagon from extinction. Dave's business, Vintage Power Wagons, makes life a little easier for the owners of these great machines, by making parts easily available, offering good advice, reproducing parts, and sponsoring the largest gathering of Power Wagons every year in Fairfield, Iowa. Dave, and the folks at VPW, make it a class operation.

Special thanks to a good friend, Dennis Sherman, who owns Power Wagon Parts. Dennis helped me through the restoration of my truck, and answered about a million questions in the process. He's a great guy to know whether you're into Power Wagons or not.

Contact [email protected] for any questions you may have. 

February 3, 2013