1941 Dodge WC9 Ambulance

Power Wagon

1941 Dodge WC9 Ambulance $10,000 [KY] 

1941 Dodge WC9 for sale.

This is not a accurate restoration. But its very nice place to start, if someone wanted to put it back.

No really bad rust, actually, it's great for a 76 year old vehicle. The previous owner put on 3/4 ton wheels and tires and expanded the spare tire well. The undercarriage is all done and in great shape. All tires are new. The engine is a 245 flat head and it runs good. There is some damage on the roof, on the drivers side. Looks like someone got a little close to something.

My understanding is this is one of the earliest built survivors around. I was also told there are only about 25 of these left in the world.

I'm asking $10,000.    

If you have any questions you can call me at 502-551-8018.

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