Dodge Power Wagon Transfer Case & Transmission

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Dodge Power Wagon Transfer Case & Transmission [MD] 

NP200 Transfer Case. $450

This was New Old Stock that I bought five years ago. It has probably less than 200 miles on it. I put it in my 56 PW while I was learning how to rebuild the original transfer case. I ran Royal Purple SAE synthetic oil in it. It works fine. I did take the parking brake springs off of it and replace them with my used worn out springs, but the band is new and the transfer case has never been apart. This had military yokes on it, but I put the civilian yokes on it for my truck. Sorry, I don't have the military yokes. The speedometer gear is not the correct gear for the 5.83 gears. It reads fast (if I remember right). I'm asking $450.00 for it.

NP420 Power Wagon Transmission. $500

The NP420 late model transmission (synchro) has under five hundred miles on it. I bought it from VPW as low mileage take out. They resealed it and I ran it for a few months while I learned how to rebuild (and stop all the leaks...) in my NP420. I'm asking $500.00 for it.

I really don't know what these are worth. If you think I'm nuts and asking way to much make an offer.
Sorry, I'm not going to ship this to your sister in Somalia, or your cousin in Fallujah. These would be a pain to ship, so I'd rather you picked them up. I can help load them.

Call Wayne 443.534.3591

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