1951 Dodge Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1951 Dodge Power Wagon $1,400 [MI] 

1951 Dodge Power Wagon with rear winch.  

Engine was running when it was parked many years ago.
Oil has been in cylinders and it will turn over by hand. 
Carburetor and coil are missing, and the transmission has been detached.
The clutch and throw out bearing are missing – transmission and transfer case are present. 
Also, the radiator protector bars have been used for another Power Wagon I have. 

The front winch is missing, but the power train for it is present. The rear winch is connected

This truck was used as a utility truck by a telephone company. 
I have the title for it. 
Shipping is the responsibility of buyer. 

I can be contacted by phone (517) 282-9240, or [email protected]

Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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