1948 Dodge Power Wagon

Power Wagon

1948 Dodge Power Wagon $8,950 [CA] 

1948 Dodge Power Wagon, Model B-1-PW-126.

This almost red truck is marked on the doors & bumper as used by the JENNY LIND, Calif. FIRE DEPT. (established in 1948). It has an all steel flatbed.

There is a right side fuel saddle-tank, and left side utility/tool box.
The cab, fenders, running boards, floor boards and bottom of doors are in great condition.
There are a few small rust holes in the floor under the passenger seat and a small depression in the roof.
The windshield has new safety-glass.
Also, new brown upholstery on the orig. seat springs.
The windshield winder works. All the door handles and window winders are intact.
The side and back windows are fine….except the passenger window has a crack.

Tires are old…but hold air.
All the original gauges are still intact.
Original T306 engine with rebuild tag.
The engine runs well and truck stops (new master & wheel brake cylinders)….priced at $8,950.

More pics available
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Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon
Power Wagon

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