1951 Dodge Military V41 Telephone Maintenance Truck

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1951 Dodge Military V41 Telephone Maintenance Truck $4,900 obo [NH] 

1951 Military V41 Telephone Maintenance Truck for sale asking $4,900 or best offer [NH]

The V41 Telephone Maintenance Truck is a member of the M-37 Dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 Truck Family and most specifications are the same as the M-37 cargo truck.  However, the V41 wheelbase is 126 inches, same as the M43 ambulance.  The full table of specifications is on the M37 Manuals page.

This one needs some TLC.  
Power train is complete. 
Winch, spotlight mount. 
Doors are ok (need some patching) and are complete with windows, winders, and door latches that need loosening up. 
Canvas frame top is under aluminum cab. 
Pickup cap is loose on top of the rear box, and for some weather protection. 
Doors for right side box are inside.

Shipping is the responsibility of buyer. 

Contact Malcolm at  [email protected]
Located in South East New Hampshire

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